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IMG_0039Water Consumption
Your water consumption is dictated by this critical landscape choice between drip and spray irrigation. Several key factors affect your choice. Consideration to the type of plantings, terrain, sun exposure, fire exposure, wind and salt spray exposure are to name just a few. Consider the following when deciding whether to drip or spray irrigate.

Spray Irrigation Systems

While easier to adjust and maintain a hard piped irrigation system will also broadcast water across planters and lawn areas, thus increasing your water bill as well. A few things we recommend to our clients are:

  • Below grade valve installation in lock top valve boxes to prevent breakage and U.V. exposure.
  • System wide backflow prevention – a code requirement.
  • Master shut off valve and ball valves at each valve box location to aid in maintenance and repairs.
  • Automated digital controlling with rain sensor and remote controls
  • 100% overlap or head to head coverage on all irrigated areas to insure even application of water(strongly recommended).
  • Low gallonage heads will help increase percolation and prevent runoff.